The Centre

Caring for abandoned babies

Based in Mombasa Kenya, Baby Life Rescue Centre is a charitable children institution dedicated to make a difference by providing caring and support for the abandoned babies from newly born to 3 years of age. We strive to raise the children in a loving, safe family environment on the basis of our Christian faith. During the three years we can care for the babies they will be nurtured, medically cared for, and will experience that they are valued and supported in the first stages of development.

It is our expectation every child to have gotten a suitable adoptive parent before turning to 3 years of age, and in case no parent show up then arrangement is made either to send the child to school or transfer the same to another home.

With experienced management and caring and professional staff in place we run a clean and professional facility in Mombasa with a clear focus on the wellbeing of the babies, to help them overcome or deal with their early life trauma and recover as best as possible.

If adoption is considered we help the adoptive parents bond with their child from day one, with the future relation between parent and child in mind.