Our Children

From birth to adoption

Our babies come from the Mombasa area but all have a different background. Many babies are been absconded by their mothers in public hospitals, others are picked from latrines, in garbage areas, on the street. Some have lost their parents, are abandoned, or for a multitude of reasons cannot be raised by their parents.

In any case the matter is report to the police and the Children’s Department. The case has to be presented by Children’s Department to the children’s law court where a committal order is issued in our favour which gives us the right of the child. After all these procedures the child is handed over to us and we can love and cherish them all in the hopes to bring a bit of light into their life and to remedy their poor start.

This committal order can only be cancelled by an adoption order or a court order declaring the child to be handed over back to the biological parent -once they are found- if they wish to be reunited with their child. If no adoptive parent shows up (or biological parent, which is a rare case), then we have an obligation to take care of this child until the child turns eighteen years old or we can decide to transfer the child to another good home, with the same high standards.

For a child to be adopted we make sure all the required documents are in order and there is an authorized adoption agency to declare the child free for adoption. All adoptions are made through the adoption agency, parents who come directly to us we give the information required. Then we ask them to make an application with an adoption agency of their choice.

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