All the money you contribute goes directly to care for the children

Our program takes care of all their needs in a very direct way: housing, clothes, staffing, food, books, health care and education. We do everything for them and at the same time provide an income for our staff and their families. We use the money very wisely and really try to make every dollar count. We welcome our sponsors to come over and visit us and meet the children you are supporting.

To fully care for one child, an amount of $200.00 per month covers it all:

  • A loving home environment with caring staff who provide a high standard of care
  • Nutritional supplements and baby formula for infants
  • Three good meals, two of them warm, a day
  • Clothing and necessities
  • Health care, medicines and supplements
  • A playful and educational daily therapeutic program to aid development and overcome the emotional trauma of their early lives.

We appreciate any donation however big or small as our children benefit directly from these funds. But if a recurring donation of $50- per month is at all possible this will have tremendous effect on our ability to perform our tasks as it provides a steady financial foundation and stability.

PayPal Logo

Bank details for Overseas Telegraphic Transfer:
Name: Baby Life Rescue Centre Trust
A/C Number: 01128226275000
Bank: Co-Operative Bank of Kenya Limited
Swift Code: KCOOKENA
Bank code: 11004

Currently our PayPal Donations are being collected by our friend of BLRCT, Sean from A People For His Name. All gifts given for the children are forwarded in full.

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