About Us

Baby Life Rescue Center Trust

Child abuse, neglect and abandonment still remain a high level concern in sub-Saharan Africa. It continues to disproportionately affect babies in society, with newborn babies being abandoned daily in places like hospitals, roadsides, with strangers amongst many other places. With this problem on the increase, available government institutions that care and protect children are not able to cope with the plight of the abandoned and abused children.

It is with this in mind that the Baby life Rescue Centre Trust has established to be a registered charity. The main aim of the centre is to fill in and support other existing institutions that provide care and protection to abandoned babies hence relieving the problem, and also to support and provide a home, care and protection to the babies abandoned from birth till 3 years and to identify suitable parents to provide a home to the babies through adoption.

Mission Statement

Baby Life Rescue Centre Trust has a call to provide a compassionate Christian response to the plight of abandoned and orphaned babies. Provide for them with medical and health welfare generally and specifically. Baby Life Rescue Centre Trust will aim at introducing them to suitable families for fostering and subsequently adoption through Registered Adoption Societies.

The Vision Statement

Baby Life Rescue Centre Trust seeks to identify and bring babies and children into residential care programmes in cooperation with the relevant government authorities, partners and well-wishers; in order to provide them with a compassionate remedy to their spiritual, physical, emotional, economical and sociological needs.

Core Values

  • Integrity: To be truthful, honest and fair in our conduct
  • Diligence: To endeavour to be thorough and give attention to details in all our work
  • Fidelity: To uphold faithfulness, trustworthiness, and reliability in all our dealings with others
  • Excellence: To consistently strive for quality in the way we conduct our work


  • To care for the abandoned and orphaned babies (Children) nationally
  • To provide quality and affordable medical care for the babies in care
  • To nurture the babies and children in all areas of child development (spiritually, emotionally, economically and sociologically)
  • To encourage visitors to visit the babies and children in the centre The provision of amenities, support groups, educational and other facilities necessary to meet the physical, emotional, social, psychological, medical and spiritual welfare of the children
  • To encourage volunteer help at all levels of the work To cooperate with other children’s homes, health institutions, educational institutions and other facilities for the achievement of the above objectives

Founders & Directors

Peter and Selpher Mutua both have trained and served as a missionary for 12 and 16 years respectively with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Thereafter they helped to pioneered the work of New Life Home Trust in Mombasa and served as administrators /house parents for a period of five years before the institution suspended its operation in Mombasa City. Answering to their calling with a careful consultation they founded Baby Life Rescue Centre with a vision to carry on with the same operation of rescuing the abandoned babies in the coast region to give shelter, care and protection.

Peter and Selpher have four children, two biological (Esther and David) and two adopted (Alena and Emmanuel). Presently they are based in Mombasa where they run the Baby Life Rescue Centre.